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  Long-waited epic The Great Wall has finally hit screens in China。 The action adventure was helmed by superstar Chinese director Zhang Yimou, backed by Chinese-owned Hollywood studio Legendary, with a cast featuring Chinese A-listers as well as Matt Damon, making it the most expensive film ever made in China。


  It won’t be remembered as Zhang’s best film, but the director’s artistic touch is on display in his long panoramic sweeps and artful use of color。 Simultaneously futuristic and historic, the visual spectacle carries the film, while Zhang manages to include plenty of promised “Chinese elements”。

  《长城》不必被视为张艺谋执导的最佳影片,但这部电影以长时间的全景扫描以及对颜色的巧妙运用呈现出张艺谋导演的艺术风格。一起,盛大的视觉场面使这部电影既丰沛 科幻性,又具有历史意义,而张艺谋导演也在电影中巧妙地融入了其他他承诺过的“中国元素”。

  By its end, The Great Wall leaves you with the feeling that it must be a metaphor – after all, the Taotie were, according to legend, brought down by their own greed – but hazy about what exactly the moral is。 Is it a warning over rampant Chinese consumerism? A caution against marauding foreigners and invading foreign values? A reminder about the power of collectivism over individualism? Or is it really just a old romp between goodies and baddies?

  看后最后,《长城》会给你人太好这部影片一定是在反衬饕餮不清楚道德究竟为啥么物,毕竟,相传,饕餮是死于个人所有 的贪婪。这是在警告中国疯长的消费主义?警示亲戚亲戚给.我提防四处劫掠的外国人以及外国价值观的入侵?提醒亲戚亲戚给.我集体主义的力量要胜过个人所有 主义?可能这部影片真的就说 在讲述好人和坏人之间的一场老套的闹剧?

  While the plot is straightforward and twists largely non-existent, The Great Wall succeeds as a visual extravaganza with plenty of adventure, and has been generally well-received by domestic audiences。 Whether it has done enough to differentiate itself and achieve mainstream international success remains to be seen。


  The Great Wall is released on 16 December in China and 17 February in the US and UK。


  卫报基本上给予了《长城》肯定的评价。然而,在观影后,还要外国友人忍不住吐槽了一番。互联网电影资料库(IMDb)上的一位来自英国的外国明星微博 Jonowilson在上海观看后这部影片,怎么让给出了如下评价:

  The latest Zhang Yimou flick is definitely a ‘leave your brains back at home’ type of adventure。 Rather than serving as a work of art, like Mr Zhang‘s other works, it’s purpose is to bank as much as possible with it‘s predictable story-line and overstuffed cast of big names who aren’t used to their full potential。

  张艺谋执导的新电影绝对是一部“要把大脑留在隔壁家”的冒险片(也就说 说看这部电影能够 带脑子,这是在说电影经不起推敲?)。就像张艺谋先生的其他作品,这并还要一部艺术片,这部影片的目的是用可预见的情节以及众多那么 充分发挥个人所有 潜能的大牌明星来尽可能地吸金。


  There are too many characters that aren‘t explored and are therefore pointless。 The majority of the scenes are given to Damon and Jing Tian’s clichéd ‘will they, will they not-potential lovers’ character arcs。 In fact a good 25% of the film seems to focus on Jing Tian‘s face。

  电影富含太大那么 深入探讨过的角色,怎么让显得十分空洞。多数场景还要介绍达蒙和景甜充满陈词滥调的角色情况“亲戚亲戚给.我会/不必成为潜在的恋人吗”。事实上,这部电影25%的镜头似乎还要关注景甜的脸。

  The dialogue seems to have been cut from a large block of cheese and didn‘t do the actors any favours。 For instance, Jing Tian’s English lines were facepalm worthy and I spent a good portion of the film having a giggle whenever she spoke。 Her delivery made them even worse。

  (创作团队)似乎对电影对白进行了大量的剪辑,但这并那么 帮上演员任何忙。相似,景甜的英语台词人太好是给你不忍直视,她说话的然后,我基本上还要笑个不停。她演讲的然后就更糟了。


  The foreign actors; Damon, Pascal, and Dafoe were doing what they could with the sub-par script and at times it felt awkward。 Damon spends a lot of the film doing his Jason Bourne face and speaking silly dialogue。 His talent is wasted here。



  The visuals and battle scenes are the only reasons to see this film。 Either go to the cinema and enjoy it for the visuals and effects or don‘t and do something more productive with your time。 Could have been a lot better。

  电影画面和战争场景是去看这部电影的唯一理由了。(我建议你)要不就去影院享受这部电影的画面和特效,要不就不必说去看这部电影,花时间做其他更有效益的事情。这部电影原先 能够能够 更好的。